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All About Roger's Wicked Fun Tours

We'll take you kayaking under a full moon, hiking in foliage season, snowshoeing through a forest, biking on Martha’s Vineyard and a whole lot more.

Most events are outside and require physical activity from beginner to intermediate levels .

Our mission is to help people explore and get to know the rich culture and natural beauty of or little corner of the world. We do this through a variety of outdoor events such as hiking, biking, kayaking, as well as eco and history tours. 

All photos on this website are from our events. 


Hiking Tours

Starting at $35


Kayaking Tours

Starting at $50


Boston Topographical History Tours

Starting at $295

Surf House.jpg

Costa Rica Boutique Getaway



Walking Tours

Starting at $295


Belize Boutique Getaway



Martha's Vineyard Day Tour


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